Union Church has been serving the Mussoorie community since 1864

Although the formal beginning of Union Church was not until September 16, 1868, it grew out of evangelistic services that were held from 1864 and perhaps even as early as 1857. On that September day in 1868, the small group of nine men and women resolved that the little body of Christians assembling from time to time for worship be called “the Landour Union Church” and met for worship at least once every Lords day and once during

the week and for the  breaking of bread on the first Lord’s day of each month.  In 1869, the church was officially instituted under the name “The Mussoorie and Landour Union Church.

From the outset, the church was intentionally  inter-denominational and enjoyed the preaching  of ministers from various missions organizations who were appointed for “the season” which at that time was roughly from April through September.  However,  meetings were also held during the winter months usually in the homes of those few who resided in Mussoorie more permanently.

Early meetings were held in the hall of the building later occupied by the Municipality. Then for several years, the regular meeting place was  at Mullingar.  In 1869 the decision to erect a church building was taken and the land owned by Charles Grant was purchased for Rs. 5,000. On December 16, 1872 the foundation stone was laid by Sir William Muir, the Lieutenant Governor of the North West Provinces and the first service in the new building was held on October 1, 1874. 

The first Pastor was Rev. Julius Frederick Ullman. He was followed by Rev. J.  Gelson  Gregson, who served the church from 1879 to 1886.  During his tenure, the regular church ministries included a Sunday School, mid-week Bible reading meetings in home, meetings at the Soldiers Institute in Landour and periodic meetings at Woodstock.  By 1895 pupils from the Christian training school at Wynberg had joined those from Woodstock as regular attenders at the services. The pastors’s report of 1906 states that a great feature of the Sunday evening services was the attendance of 150 children from Woodstock and Wynberg School.  Special summer conferences for the spiritual growth of vacationing believers were a regular feature of these early years as well.